Friday, 21 November 2008

Hatches battened....

Wednesday 19.11.08 4.20pm

After some pleasant autumn days with some stunning sunsets, the weather is taking a distinctly wintry turn today with snow forecast for us in the east, at the moment it is certainly cold enough for snow but just rain at the moment. Not that we are cold with the stove & the ecofan doing a great job.

On the subject of heat I have been wondering if these briquette makers using newspapers are any good, we have a daily paper plus a couple of w/e heavies & would be nice to put them to good use by providing heat for us so, spotting these on ebay I sent for some. They came today so I am giving them a try out this afternoon. I will let you know if I think they are any good......

So the wedding has been & gone. No hitches, everything went according to plan & even the weather behaved itself. A really lovely day.

The bride & groom, bridesmaids( don't they look beautiful!)
& Joe ( not sure why the funny face !)

Yours truly, Mark & the rest of the clan
apart from Eric & Rowen who were in Hawaii- lucky kids!

Mark has a cold at the moment warranting some 'man' size tissues ( & lots ot TLC!) so Soona, who always like to squash herself into any boxes lying around gave this box a try.


Trying( & succeeding) to look cute.