Sunday, 25 October 2009

It's been a while !

Yes it has & a bit too long for a proper catchup so briefly... back in June we were getting a bit fed up with marina life, it had had it's uses, especially when we 1st moved aboard & there was always someone to ask for advice but it had begun to feel a bit claustrophobic - so much so that we decided break free & now are settled & happy on a new mooring nr Doncaster.

Apart from a long weekend to Sprotborough & back in August we haven't been out cruising, Mark's been saving his hols as I had to go into hosp for an op & I needed him around to fetch & carry whilst I convalesced which brings us up to date as I came home on Friday.
Feeling absolutely fine, bit of a fraud really but it will be nice to have him around for a few days ;-)

The cats seem quite happy with life here, Soona, as usual doesn't go far - anywhere there is a ray of sunshine is an ideal spot for an afternoon snooze

& Poppy continues in her efforts to keep the vermin population under control.

no other recent pics so here's one from the summer just to remind us that the sun did shine ....... albeit occasionally :)