Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Water, water..........

Feels very strange this evening as no cats aboard as they have gone to the cattery whilst we go off in search of some sunshine. How bad did I feel as we walked back to the car leaving a forlorn looking Poppy hanging off the inside of the wire door to the (cell) kennel. It was probably all an act & she was no doubt fawning round the staff as we drove away....

Finally got the hole cut in the floor to check the bilges & guess what ... water right up to the underside of the floor! So Scott if you're reading this we could have gone halves on the pump. Scott & Sharon are our neighbours & had the same problem this week. Their adventures as they refit out their boat can be followed on their own blog.

So a visit to Thorne Boat Services on the way back from the cattery to pick up a Whale submersible pump. We managed to get quite alot of the water out & hope that all will be okay whilst we are away - not sure where all the water has come from, we have previously had the odd leak from the plumbing but wouldn't have thought that would have resulted in that much water. Someone suggested it could be condensation but again seems too much water - so a bit of a puzzle but glad we checked & the investigation ( & the drying out) will continue when we are back from our jaunt - assuming she hasn't sunk meanwhile!

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