Wednesday, 25 March 2009


After I had finished updating my blog last Tuesday I made a cup of tea & for no sane reason put it down on the side table next to the laptop instead of the usual spot on my left. So, yes the worst happened & I sent it flying straight onto the laptop which went black & very dead.
I unplugged it & upturned it onto a towel & it was left to hopefully dry out…….

But I really didn‘t hold out any hope & as I have just had a small windfall I treated myself to a new one & considering it was one of the cheaper options in the store I am really pleased with it.
Mark had a fiddle with the old one & at first seemed hopeless but then left it another couple of days, tried again & it came on as if nothing had happened!

So 2 laptops - one each, Mark got a ‘pay as you go’ dongle from Vodafone for £40 with 1gb pre loaded ( £15 per gb payg ) & we are both happy.

The cats have settled back into their routine & seem fine.

Poppy rolling in the sand enjoying the sunshine

Last Autumn I bought an umbrella holder for wet days at the tiller ( cheaper than a pram hood!) & in the blurb was a pic of it also being used to hold a rotary drier & as it is now just about drying washing outside weather I decided to give it a try.

It is fitted with 2 grub screws to tighten onto the tiller arm & 1 grub screw on the upright to hold umbrella/airer in place. I decided to drill a hole in the holder to correspond with the tiller pin to prevent ‘slippage’ as a loaded airer would be quite heavy.

It works a treat & with the spring sunshine we have recently had I have enjoyed seeing the washing blowing in the breeze rather than hung up to dry in the boat.

Another sign of spring, we look forward to seeing the youngsters!

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