Thursday, 24 December 2009

A change of plan....

As I type I should have been on my way to meet Mark & then drive up to Scarborough for a family christmas with ( some) of the children & grandchildren. Hannah had said a couple of days ago that Fin ( 6) had a cold but today he had become quite unwell so they had taken him to the doctors to be told it was in all probability swine flu.

What to do?? Do we still go & keep fingers crossed or stay at home.... in the end we have decided not to go as we will be visiting the rest of the family over the next week or so & it wouldn't be fair to put them all at risk.
Just off to Sainsburys to see if they have a xmas pud & some sprouts left !

If there ever was a little boy who was excited about Christmas it was Fin, so us being a bit put out is nothing compared to how rotten he must be feeling, we shall sure make up for it when he is better !!

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