Monday, 22 November 2010

Gnosall to Wheaton Aston

Just a short, but gosh it was cold, 2 hour cruise on Saturday to our current mooring in Wheaton Aston followed by a lazy weekend, mostly settled by the fire with just a couple of forays to the local shops for papers & treats.

The Tesco delivery went according to plan, it was booked for 11am-1pm & arrived at 11.30am, straight through the hatch into the kitchen & all put away in minutes. We probably won't do it every week as I don't usually mind doing our own shop if there is somewhere handy but it's quite rural here with just the village shops which are fine for bits & bobs but work out a bit pricey when a big shop is needed.          

Back in April I managed to hurt my wrist by tripping up over a mooring ring & at  A & E at Doncaster Hospital, a scaphoid fracture was suspected but after 2 xrays 10 days apart they decided that there was no fracture, just a sprain. 
Within a few weeks it seemed fine & I thought that was that, just keep an eye out for pesky mooring rings in future, but over the last few weeks the wrist has become painful again, resulting in restricted movement & broken sleep so tomorrow I shall present myself at the local GP's surgery to see if anything can be done. Depending on the outcome of that visit we will decide on our next move....

Wheaton Aston moorings, we are just before the bridge ( spot the new hood!)

Sid's favourite cruising position

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