Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Blogger spotting

We moved down to Gnosall on Saturday, just a short hop of an hour or so. There was some ice   but only thin stuff mainly at the edges, it was still bitterly cold though & we had a hard frost during the night but at least it froze the mud on towpath !

 Yesterday we popped into Stafford to do some shopping, walking down the high street I spotted the 3 store &  called in as I have been having problems with reception on my phone. I thought it was just a poor signal area but Mark is also on 3 & his was fine. They took my sim out, blew on it, put it back  & hey presto good reception, sorted.
 A potter round Wilkinson's then across the road to Sainsbury's for a food shop & back on the bus fully laden, a good job the bus stop is right next to the canal!
We'd not been back long & Mark shouted I think that's Sue (No Problem) just going past, which it was but too late for me to stick my head out to say hello. 

Rain forecast today but we were itching to move so we got under way at 10am,  there was some intermittent drizzle but nothing too heavy & it's noticeably milder  We intended to stop at Turners Garage to fill up with Diesel, at 68.9p domestic it's worth topping up &  as we pulled up who should be moored opposite but Sue & Vic on No Problem so I did get to say hello & have a bit of a natter, albeit shouting across the canal! Nice to finally meet you Sue :-)  
Sue's blog was the first narrow boating blog I found back in  2007 & I found it really helpful  as she has all sorts of useful bits of information on there. 

 We said our goodbyes & plodded on, though the lock, after first blowing the cobwebs off the windlass ! Passing Countrywide hire base we could see a boat coming on & as we got closer it wasn't one boat, it was 3, almost a convoy... & it turned out to be more bloggers, Geoff & Mags on Seyella followed by Carol & George on  Rock 'n Roll   ( Note: edited after several comments telling me about Rock'n Rolls blog!)  with Chas & Anne on Moore 2 life  bringing up the rear. Gosh 4 fellow bloggers in 1 day, is it a record ? Unfortunately my camera wasn't handy....

 As we tied on the 48hr moorings after bridge 8 the rain started in earnest so good timing I think, we shall probably stay here tomorrow & then Friday may see us back on the Staffs & Worcs, this time turning right at Autherley Junction.


  1. It was nice to see you both today, only sorry we missed you at Gnosall, for sure we had been looking out for you as we knew you were travelling north.

    When we got to Wheaton Aston I wondered where on earth you were.. Of course I missed you at Gnosall having not seen the boat before I missed the name right on the front of Poppy!

    Yes you did pass another blogger today, Carol and George do a blog here..

  2. Hi there,
    Just read today's blog and noticed you said RnR haven't a blog... I think they have, its and they have a picture of you on there today too :)
    SprockyUK (Kevin)

  3. Make that 4 - Rock & Roll do a great blog. Go on, remind me - what's it like to be on a MOVING

  4. Oh yes they are:



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