Friday, 21 January 2011

Ice breaking again....

Just a quick post as it's been a long day, leaving  Kinver this morning we had a pleasant if very cold cruise towards Kidderminster until just before Wolverley Court lock & ran into this....

 ice ! Thought we'd seen the last of it for a while...

          it was quite thick in places too & we had patches of it all the way into Kidderminster,
We've just about given up on worrying about the state of our blacking any more! 
Moored up outside Tescos & did a big shop, making the best of it being canalside then  I nipped into TK Maxx & got us a pair of ski trousers each. Shopping all done we got going again & are now moored between bridges 10 & 9. 

We had planned to get to Stourport tomorrow & then on the Severn down to Worcester  but the Severn locks are closed due to high water levels. :(  So we may just as well stay here for the weekend, we'll have a walk into Stourport tomorrow to get my weekend Guardian fix & have a peek at the River & see how bad it is.


  1. Just have to say recently started following you after linking from someone else's blog . . .loving all the photos. I can barely comprehend a life like this but I think it's something I want to do too at some point. It's such "another world"! Any photos of the inside of your boat?

  2. New to your blog too and i love it. Yes please post inside pictures for us


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