Sunday, 6 March 2011

On the move again

I was back on board on Friday afternoon after a week away with the Manchester branch of the family, it wasn't all beer & skittles as I made some new curtains. I had been chewing it over for a while & the availability of a sewing machine & a large table to do cutting out on spurred me into action.
 Rather than make them from scratch I found some I liked in M & S Home at The Trafford Centre, size 66" x 90"  I cut each curtain in half length ways then each 'half'  into 3, width ways, a bit of seam neatening, a bit of hemming, some rufflette tape & I have 6 pairs of boat sized curtains. 

Mark was getting a bit stir crazy & more than ready to move so yesterday morning we moved, all of a mile! But it was a change of view & more importantly, as we had used all the chopped wood  a wide, mud free towpath so after a bit of effort this morning we have plenty of chopped logs to keep us warm.

 The sun came out this afternoon & Sid went out for a while,  

Eyeing up those trees....

getting up was easy....

That's Soona mooching about, no fear of her getting stuck up a tree! 

Tomorrow we are heading down the Lapworth flight, a dry sunny day is forecast so it shouldn't be too much of a chore. 

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