Monday, 13 June 2011


After spending the last few days at Thrupp this morning it was time to move on & thanks to an early wake up call from Sid we were at the service point by 6.30am this morning. It was misty & grey, a hangover from yesterdays downpour, it gradually cleared but not before a last short shower. 7 miles, 2 lift bridges ( bridge 233 was a pig, I just couldn't pull it up so Mark had to do it whilst I steered for a change) & 5 locks & we are finally on the Thames, just. 

Poppy waiting for Isis lock to fill.

We found a spot on the moorings just below Osney Bridge & I walked up to Osney Lock & parted with £150 in exchange for a months visitor permit. 
By now it was lunch time so we walked into town & had a bite to eat but gosh it was busy & noisy! All a bit much really when you're used to the peace of the canals, so we didn't hang about   (being tired after our early morning didn't help!) we found a Sainsburys,  picked up a few necessities then back to the boat.
 After a bit of a sit down with the paper & a cup of tea I dragged Mark to Wickes as I have been doing a bit of decorating/remodelling & wanted some stuff. The bathroom has been painted  & the side hatch has annoyed me for ages as the wood trim was fitted badly so we have bought some new wood to redo it. Watch this space....
Blue skies now & with  more sunshine promised for tomorrow we are looking forward to our 1st  days cruising on the river


  1. It must be your age. From where you were moored there are 4 lift bridges. Are you coming back this way?

  2. Hiya Julia & Mark hope you are both well. On Monday we go to Rutland Water for 3 days and on Thursday to a village called Kemble (near Cirencester) for 5 days, i was hoping to drop in and see you on the way down but you will be well beyond Oxford by then, maybe another time.After there we go to Moreton-in-Marsh for 3 days. We then head home early as Carol has at last received a date for her hip replacement operation. That date is July 14th but she has a pre-op on July 1st. We are over the moon at this because she is really struggling now. Take care and keep enjoying yourselves. Dave & Carol xx


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