Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Little Bollington, Bridgewater canal

I do like being on the Bridgewater Canal, it's wide, it's clean & it's maintained. 
As we came through Lymm yesterday two bridges were having the brickwork re pointed & they weren't even falling down! 
 The gap's a bit narrow....
 but we managed to squeeze by.
 A little further along we meet the dredging team.

It was 12 o'clock by the time we got moored just passed Agden Bridge, it had been sunny whilst cruising but a with a cold wind so it was good to get tied up & get inside to the warm stove.

This morning it was time for some chores, Mark chopped some wood....
Sid taking a breather from chasing up & down the towpath

...whilst I got on the roof & washed off the grime that had accumulated over the winter then gave the cabin side & windows a wash, certainly looks better for it. 
Just need to get the other side done, maybe this weekend whilst in the marina.
After showering we walked up & over Agden Bridge, along a footpath across a couple of fields, a short walk up Burford Lane to Willowpool garden centre & tea rooms.  It's a quirky place, not just a garden centre, it has antiques, all sorts of bits & bobs as well as the tea rooms which are lovely. Tables are dotted around in an assortment of gazebos & the food is delicious.
Back on board  we had just got sat down to relax & enjoy Scott & Bailey that we had recorded last night when the Water Womble went past which is why the Bridgewater is so clean ;)


  1. That Sid is such a handsome boy

    1. It's a good job he is, it goes some way to make up for the naughtiness!


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