Tuesday, 12 June 2012


We spent much of last week in Carnforth after moving up there on Tuesday, the weather was miserable so we settled in to sit it out & had a fire most days. Our batteries were getting tired so we took the opportunity of the canal side car park at the Canal Turn pub to get some delivered from Alpha Batteries although in the event the driver didn't manage to find the car park, he parked on the main road & carried them up, still good service though & our inverter has stopped squeaking after an hour or so of TV ;-) 

The weather forecast for Sunday was for some sunshine & not much wind so we were off early doors, glad to be moving again. The plan was to go up to Tewitfield, turn round & come back down the mile or so to the Capernwray Arm. The plan unravelled a bit as when we went passed the arm it was full but Mark (who was walking ahead) spotted a likely place at Borwick. So that's what we did & it was a lovely mooring with cracking views. 
 From the side hatch
& from the towpath

We needed to use the plank for the 1st time in ages which was no problem to Soona & Sid

 There is something down there!
 We found this narrow plank some time ago & it came in useful as a cat plank so they can get in the bow  as well as the stern, just in case they need to get away from  passing dogs etc.
 Leaving at 7am on a glorious morning. It was a very pleasant cruise & until we got to Hest Bank we had the canal to ourselves & then it got really busy with 5 boats oncoming in just a few minutes, one of them was Nb Epiphany & we managed a quick hello as we passed each other.

We are now back in Lancaster & I'm about to leave Mark to his own devices for a few days whilst I nip off  visiting family.  It's a good job we have some new batteries as the TV will be getting a bit of extra use due to some football thing....

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  1. Good to see you, reserve us a decent mooring for tomorrow ;))


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