Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The beginning

Well where else would I start!
Hi everybody - I'm new to this blogging lark so apologies in advance for any slipups etc.
A bit of background - I have loved canals since the early '80s when, in an attempt to get out of Brum where I then lived for some fresh air & not having a car, getting off a train in Lapworth & discovering a whole new world.
Fast forward nearly 30yrs we seem to be finally about to follow our dream of living on the canal system. Plan was to do it in 2010 (retirement age for me) & continually cruise from the start but for an assortment of reasons we have been able to bring it forward a couple of years. But as Mark will still be working for a couple of years or so needed res mooing within striking distance of Hull.
So......... house on the market & then visit to Bluewater Marina at the w/e saw new 57' liverpool bt immaculately fitted out & it was love at 1st sight-

Was going to sleep on it but you just know don't you - so on way home made phone call to say please don't sell to anyone else!
Deposit paid next day & - a real plus - offered a res mooring at the marina.

things go according to plan - do they ever- we are looking to complete the purchase within a month & move aboard late april/early may - we were going to wait till house sold before moving aboard but hey what are estate agents for! so if not sold shall just hand them the keys to sort viewings etc.
Meanwhile the downsizing which I have made a bit of a start on now begins in earnest -

............ Wow !! just had call from est agent with offer from chap who viewed yesterday which we are accepting. Gosh bought a boat & sold ( sub to contract!!) a house all in 3 days. House has only been on market 6 days so really chuffed. Fingers & toes crossed it goes through.
Right better go and sort through some cupboards..........

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