Thursday, 13 March 2008

stuff, stuff & more stuff

Where does it all come from, I have been getting rid of stuff for weeks in a sort of half hearted manner but now it is in earnest & spent yesterday morning putting some stuff on ebay & most of the afternoon sorting my clothes into 'keep or carboot', methinks the 'keep' pile will still need to be reduced somewhat! Also had great delight in shredding a pile of work related papers that will no longer be needed :)

Bit of a nuisance that I have been plagued by painful tooth socket-had large back tooth removed last monday & after a couple of days was becoming more painful rather than less so suspecting an infection back to the dentist who diagnosed a 'dry socket'. I'll omit the gruesome details but suffice to say it is b****y painful!

Sellers pack arrived yesterday from our solicitors so we waded through it last night ready for sending back to day - double & treble checked to ensure done correctly as we don't want any holdups. Buyer's solicitor seems to think completion will be 1st week in May at latest - hmm, we'll see!

So todays job - attack the glory hole that is the understairs cupboard & add to the carboot pile.
Hoping to do one as soon as fine sunday - so not this w/e then!

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