Saturday, 22 March 2008

sleepless in hull

I should be sound asleep but can't turn my brain off plus his lordship is fast asleep & snoring loudly so am back downstairs to see if a bit of blogging will empty my head.
Daughter & son-in-law came today to take various items they are relieving us of & the house is slowing emptying.
We have a small shed in the garden - more like a sentry box than a shed but nevertheless son-in-law wants it for their garden & was confident it would go on the roof rack - So in the bitterly cold wind & sleet it was lifted (if you have ever heard 'right said fred' by Bernard Cribbins you will have some idea!) down the street & onto said roofrack whereon son-in-law realised that the straps to fasten it down were woefully short so plan abandoned pro tem but shed did have to be put back in garden - no doubt keeping the neighbours entertained on an otherwise dreary afternoon.
Went to Carphone warehouse yesterday & signed up for the t mobile web'n'walk - it's really slow, so slow that web pages just won't load - but sales assistant did say it could take up to 5 days for full service so shall have to be patient before I ring the help line.
Highlight of the day tomorrow could be a trip to the tip, hey its never dull in Hull...... so back to bed & hope to zzzz....

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