Tuesday, 25 March 2008

connected !!

Web'n'walk seems to be up & running ( well more of a slow amble really) had several attempts over w/e & couldn't get pages to load. Had one last go this morning berfore phoning helpline & success!
Am using it to update blog to see if can upload okay & have managed to upload pic, albeit slowly but suppose take some getting used to a slower speed.
After being stuck in most of w/e with the dreadful weather we were determined to get out to stretch our legs yesterday so walked down the stainforth-keadby canal & apart from these two, a heron & several moorhens no one else about. Took the pic with my new phone & am suitably impressed.
Wind still bitter but had backwind on way to Keady so not too bad but cheated & got the train back as sky looked about to dump some sleet & didn't fancy struggling back to car in those conditions.
So after a w/e off it's back to the big clear out - hoping for fine sunday next w/e as really need to do carboot.

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