Tuesday, 8 April 2008

nearly there!

I haven't updated blog for a while as there's only so many ways you can say 'emptied another cupboard' - but think the end is in sight. Had a car boot last wednesday and hoping, weather permitting, to do another tomorrow.

Sense of urgency creeping in because if finances are sorted hope to take ownership of Poppy this weekend !! I would be very excited well I am really but have been suffering with a dental problem that has been very painful - had the wretched tooth out 4 weeks ago but have had 'dry socket'- not pleasant, then an infection - all seemed fine until sat when agony returned - back to the dentist yesterday, another infection so more antibiotics.......

Anyway on a more positive note clearout just about done, one more trip to Manchester on Thursday then what's left is 'boat' or 'car boot'

We have been to Ikea and bought a sofa, took some thinking about as solid fuel stove is set in centre of saloon so obviously chairs either side of fire would be best but just to be awkward we wanted a sofa but need something fairly narrow so as not to come too close to heat and that would go through the doors! The test will be next week when we try it out.

Mark has taken next week off work and we hope to be more or less onboard by following weekend - we can move fairly leisurely as completion date for house is around beginning May.

TV reception - sky or freeview or both? Have purchased a freeview box with hard drive with the option of 'top up tv' and will probably take our sky box along and probably end up getting an aerial and sat dish -belt and braces!

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