Friday, 11 April 2008


Boat now paid for and we take possession tomorrow :-)
Will be spending a few days getting our stuff aboard & doing some serious shopping - top of my list of 'must haves' is fenders & poles before we attempt to move her around the marina!

Car boot done on Wednesday & I dropped leftovers off at Oxfam on way home then Manchester yesterday to take last few bits & bobs to daughters - as Bek works in Sale we met for lunch at The Kings Ransom, sat out on the pontoon thinking next time I visit this pub it will probably be by canal!

Later after getting home walked around the house looking at what is left & still think there is too much stuff - probably be another trip to charity shop and/or tip before we've done. Fortuneatly our buyer will be letting the house & is more than happy for us to leave items of furniture which saves us some hassle.

Son - in-law is coming to have another go at collecting the shed tomorrow - plan B is dismantling it first so watch this space ;-)

The cats seem a bit restless, possibly with the empty shelves & piles of boxes they reckon something is afoot - how right they are......

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