Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Boat owners!

Got the keys for nb Poppy on saturday & celebrated by boiling water in our new shiny whistling kettle on our new shiny hob and having a coffee. Didn't do much else as had to wait till monday till Lainy (who fitted her out)& her Dad could talk us through the assorted gubbins & take her out for a trial.

So monday saw us being shown the ropes by Lainy who has produced a file containing all the paperwork etc, very useful.We discussed upgrading the 1500wt inverter to 3000wt as from what I've read so far will be better for the washing machine, also the fitting of a door twixt galley & bedroom - I love my cats dearly but not in the early hours in my bed!

John Cain then started her up ( what a great sound!) & took us out of the marina. He did a cracking wind just before the bridge & I had a brief go at the helm which felt great :-)
On the way back we stopped of at the pump & filled her with diesel then john put her front on in her new mooring.

Have spent last couple of days getting stuff on board - sofa looks great & its starting to feel like she is ours & maybe, just maybe we can take her out at the weekend - once the fenders are fitted!

Still not sure what the plan is re TV reception whether to have freeview or try to keep sky ( or both, belt & braces!)Have read 'factsheet' that Sue- nb No Problem has on her blog ( thanks Sue & would have included link to your site but not figured how to yet) so we are leaning towards that route, really need to make a decision today but Mark was out with the 'boys' last night & is feeling a tad sorry for himself this morning so thinking & planning maybe a bit too much for him........

Anyway washing machine is ordered, found a place in Leeds 'instore' that sells the small Candy for £299 - cheapest I have seen it anywhere so hoping to collect that tomorrow & combine that with (another!) trip to Ikea as we tried out a really comfy chair (lunna) on last visit but wanted to see how sofa etc looked before purchase & think it will fit just fine which will mean I can have the sofa all to myself ;-)

I hear Mark in the shower - hopefully he is feeling better so we can get on & sort the TV issue then go and spend some more money!

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