Monday, 21 April 2008

Keeping the home fires burning.......

Thursday saw us collect the washing machine from Instore in Leeds - pleasantly surprised at how light it is, so easy to manoeuvre onto Poppy. Also stopped off at Ikea (never a chore!) & picked up the chair so just short of some bookshelves and saloon is sorted (full!)
Wanted to try the stove out & seeing it was bitterly cold seemed like a good idea so got it lit before going to Leeds then damped it down just before setting off. Low & behold it was still in on return some 3 hours later so feeling pretty smug.:)

Friday popped to Selby Boat Centre to get some odds & ends & as our 1st visit just suss it out for future reference. Can't remember what we bought but we spent nigh on £50 !

Saturday we had planned to spend the w/e aboard & hoped to take her out of the marina but the keen north easterly put paid to that, so we enjoyed getting her set straight & doing a few fiddly jobs. Managed to get TV reception but only analogue - Mark is going to look into sorting sky via a Kerstan dish next w/e when we will have the digi box aboard.
Had the fire going great all day so banked up & damped down before our 1st night aboard & I'd like to say we sleopt like logs & the fire was still in on Sunday am but neither! I am not a good sleeper at best of times & always take a few nights to get used to different bed & the fire was as dead as the proverbial dodo :(
Got it going again whilst Mark fetched the papers and had a very lazy day feeling very much at home. Back to Hull for tea, time team & an early night.

We hope to take her out for a 'spin' (weather permitting) next w/e & to move aboard on the 30th - with the cats ......... should be interesting! After all this bitterly cold weather it will no doubt turn warm when I am trying to keep them in for a week or two till they settle in.

This week: I have a girlie shopping day planned for today with June but can't buy any clothes as no room! But shall enjoy pottering, catching up & lunch out.
Tomorrow dentist & start of root canal treatment - oh joy!

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