Thursday, 24 April 2008

bits & bob s

Met Lainy on Poppy this morning as she is making a door twixt galley & bedroom & wanted to make a template. She also kindly put a T junction in the sink waste for the washer waste & checked the immersion as we couldn't get it to heat at the w/e. Found that it had tripped on the calorifier( prob done when had safety check & not reset) Should be fine now for hot water at the w/e so shower can be given a test run.

Spent a couple of hours just faffing about, putting up hooks ( can never have too many!) a couple of pictures & doing a bit of cleaning.
Was pouring down when I arrived at 11am but sun soon came out & I enjoyed sitting on the back deck with my afternoon tea, very peaceful, really looking forward to next wed - move in day !

Lainy hopes to fit the door next thurs or fri which will mean the cats will be free to share our bed which is small enough as it is so I see a couple of restless nights for all........... Love my cats but not in my bed!

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