Thursday, 1 May 2008

All this & sky + too!

This was the view from the bow at 7.30am - bit of an improvement on city life eh!

We got aboard yesterday about 2.30pm stopping off on the way at Waudbys nr South Cave to pick up a Kerstan sat dish & a battery charger, think the sat dish was good value at £99 although not sure how much it's worth this morning as it was in the water!

Anyway I digress - just managed to get everything aboard before the heavens opened for a 2 hour downpour and somehow most things have found a home apart from the microwave which looked huge in the kitchen so will see if we can do without or look for a small one.
Poppy had howled all the way from Hull whilst Soona seemed to take the journey in her stride ( she is much more used to car travel, being a frequent visitor to the vets - she gets anal sac probs now & again - don't ask!!)

Once out of the cat baskets they had a good prowl round with Poppy eventually finding a spot on the back of the sofa which is where she is sitting now,
Soona kept finding odd spots to hide and for a chunky cat did very well to get behind cutlery drawer! She also seemed to feel safer sitting in the cat tray

As you will see the steps out to the bow are removable so we've moved them aside & managed to get the litter tray in there, might move into the cratch when we get it fitted.

She loves heat and eventually succumbed to the charms of the stove & settled in for the evening.........

Although if you were to ask me where she is right now..... I put the washer on before starting the blog & think the noise has sent her into hiding again.

The sat dish is/was a great success - only took 10 mins fiddling ( once the rain had stopped) and brilliant pic - we weren't sure we'd have the sky+ functions but its fine & my progs that had been recorded were all there so had our tea watching Clocking Off & Mark was able to enjoy the footie, without having to find a pub with sky - which would have been a chore !

I banked up the stove & the 4 of us went to bed - nuff said!! though I'm sure they felt more secure spending night with us but will be pleased when door fitted. Stove out this morning so not got the knack of keeping it in overnight yet. All suggestions welcome!

Back to the sat dish, appears that the suction pad failed & into the water it went during the night & is not working ( hardly surprising really) so will wait to see if it dries out, if not, well I did say they are 'only' £99!

Washing just finished & Soona back out of hiding so into the shower & on with the day..............

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