Monday, 12 May 2008

Not the best of birthdays......

Monday morning, washing in the machine, mark gone to work & the cats still asleep on the sofa beside me so hopefully a quiet few mins in which to update blog.
Thursday I made a start on the damaged paint work, after looking for advice on various web sites decided to take off rust with wire wool before giving coat of red oxide - I used rubbing compound to flat it before adding 1st coat of paint - all seems to be okay & shall get another coat on today.
Saturday dawned hot & sunny - it was Marks birthday so we had planned to nip to tescos bright & early & then don walking boots - but Soona had other ideas!
To back track somewhat- on friday Poppy had decided it was time to explore, she disappeared into the hedge and I crossed my fingers.
She reappeared an hour later, a bit dusty but fine & spent the rest of the day hopping expertly on & off the boat obviously recognising the boat as home. Soona meanwhile showed no inclination to leave- not really surprising as back at the house she would never venture further than the back yard & would always stay firmly in her basket if any strangers in the camp.

So I wasn't unduly concerned as she sat on the deck whilst we prepared breakfast & birthday boy opened his presents, a new watch & a walkie talkie ( to ease communication whilst locking etc!)
I then realised she had gone, to cut long story short - day ruined. We seached the marina & surrounds on & off all day asking the other residents to keep an eye out. Everyone saying 'don't worry - she'll be back' Mm...... Soona not being the most streetwise of cats I was very worrried!

A few of the residents were having a barbie & game of boule to which we were invited but we hadn't the heart & then at 9pm there was a thump on the roof another thump in the bow followed by a yowl & she was back. Phew! I really did think we wouldn't see her again. Yesterday she stayed in all day seeming happy enough to sleep most of the day - I may see if she wants to go out later - under supervision!

So yesterday a much better day, the sun shone, had a visit from son Rob partner Nikki & three grandchildren Joe, Naimh & Pheobe then Hull beat Watford in the playoffs. Brilliant!

When Lainy was here last week I had asked her to take a look at the inverter as it didn't seem to working - she agreed there does seem to be a problem so took it with her to exchange for another. So currently without an inverter . Hoping to get a replacement soon as we would like to take the boat out for a weekend soon.

The early morning mist has cleared & the washing finished so on with the chores.............

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