Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Nuts & bolts

When I told people that I was retiring early to live on a narrow boat most people said 'what will you do with yourself all day, won't you get bored?' Hah! Fat chance... I'm finding myself quite busy thankyou.
Take yesterday, spent chunk of morning on paintwork before realising that rubbing compound wasn't really doing the job so decided to clean the windows instead ( I had cleaned the boat last week but left windows somewhat streaky) supervised Soona when she decided to go outside - she was fine , sat on the deck for a while then wandered off onto the path - rolled in the dust, came back onboard to spend rest of day snoozing on the bed.

My immediate neighbour took his boat off for a pump out and Poppy decided to drift across his space sideways so with a bit of assistance from the chaps had to haul her back into position & tie up with extra rope.

Had a bite of lunch, swept, mopped & dusted inside(were does all the dust come from?) then went into town for some odds & ends. One of our neighbours pointed out that we had a bolt missing from the chunk of metal that holds the tiller in place (sorry, don't know its technical name!) I had noticed so was now prompted to do something & as there is a useful hardware shop in Thorne was able to get a nut so that's sorted. Also got some wet 'n' dry sandpaper for the painting job.

By the time I was back from town it was gone 3pm so had quick cuppa before a bit of sanding - much better with the wet'n'dry.

Oh & I also did a bit of washing and ironing.......so all in all a busy day.
If the day ever comes when I'm at a loose end I've got a stack of unread books but then I also want to check out the local leisure centre for 'learn to swim' courses. Plus I have been told about Waterstart www.waterstart.co.uk who are based in Thorne & run some useful courses including diesel engine maintenance which I quite fancy doing.
Think it will be a while before I'm stuck for something to do!

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