Friday, 16 May 2008

Hull for the day

Spent most of the day in Hull yesterday, root canal work completed so last visit to the dentist for a while.
Had a look for a puppy crate or something similar as it's been suggested that whilst cruising it's a good way of keeping the cats safe & still be able to have the doors open but I couldn't find one that seemed quite right & how would they have accessed the litter tray?
On getting back to Poppy & sitting down for a much needed cup of tea I realised the solution is already here - as I said in an earlier post, the steps to the bow pull out revealing some useful storage space in front of the watertank & since moving aboard has housed the litter tray ( the bottom step lifts up so is jammed in the up position for cats easy access ) I have also shoved all manner of other stuff under there so I'll give it a clear out & then when cruising put in some bedding & food 'shut' the step. Hmm... worth a try. Meawhile Soona is becoming quite confident at this boating lark
Whilst Poppy's daytime favourite spot

Another job to do whilst in Hull was pay a visit to Carphone Warehouse as my mobile which I have only had 5 or 6 weeks has started losing its charge. I assumed that they would just replace the battery - silly me! No, it has to be sent for repair - when I explained that this was my only phone they grudgingly gave me a standby phone. Normally a deposit has to be paid for said phone ( in this case £100 !) but when I remonstrated about their customer service they waived this - but will have to pay should I lose it. Not very impressed with their attitude.

Got most of the damaged paintwork primed & undercoated this week so hoping to get a coat of gloss on today - forecast is overcast but dry - fingers crossed.

A colleauge of Marks lent him some canal related books to read, one of which is Colin Edmondsons 'Going it Alone' what a useful little book! especially for beginners like us. Found I can purchase my own copy through the Canal Junction website for £4.50 so a cheque will be on its way today.

The sat dish, which by the way is doing a brilliant job, we were able to watch Hull City thrash Watford on their way to Wembley !! is still fastened on with parcel tape - a little unsightly & only meant to be temporary so I ordered a magnetic base from Road Pro which, according to the blurb will allow the dish to be securely fastened even to a curved & non slip surface ie our roof! It arrived yesterday so watch this space......

This pic was taken Saturday at about 7.30 am, the young swan then came to the boat for breakfast.

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