Monday, 19 May 2008

Stainforth & Fishlake

After finishing updating my blog on Friday I went outside to be greeted by this family demanding breakfast,

followed 5 mins later by this flotilla bearing down on the young family & although the little ones stayed close to Mum they didn't seem to find the swans too intimidating.

Since getting the boat, selling up & moving aboard we have had little time to devote to our other passion - walking. We have always enjoyed walking the Wolds, but now living in S. Yorks are keen to explore the local area - also it is our favourite season with the hawthorn blossom in all its glory so as the forecast for sunday was sunny but not too warm - ideal walking weather, we got our chores out of the way on saturday & set off at 10.30am down the towpath towards Stainforth.

All was going well until just after Thorne lock when we came across a fishing match, with anglers every few yards all with the huge poles across the path. The very 1st one also had his stuff spread out all across the path & at that point there was no way around his equipment. He stared grimly ahead -pointedly ignoring us, so I carefully stepped over but in doing so just tapped the end of the pole with my foot - well !! the air turned blue. I did point out that the towpath was for all not just anglers but that just provoked more foul language! I wanted to also say 'I think I pay more than you to use the canal' but didn't want to add fuel to the fire.

Anyway after a shaky start I have to say that all the other anglers seemed quite happy to move their poles out of the way as we approached & we even got a couple of good mornings!

At Stainforth we stopped off at The New Inn for a cold drink before leaving the canal to follow the banks of the River Don to Fishlake, this pic is Fishlake church in the distance with the hawthorn at its best.

A pretty, well looked after village & this pic is the beautiful carving around the south-west doorway at St Cuthbert's Church.

A brisk walk then along the bank back to Thorne - somehow we managed to go slightly 'off piste' & got a bit lost finding our way back into the village but managed to emerge near the Delves Cafe so had well earned toasted tea cake & coffee. Got back at 4pm, so a good days walk & all being well we shall be heading towards Stainforth next Sunday but this time by boat & yes I will be keeping an eye out for that angler!

Got on with some painting today & most of the touched up bits now have had their 1st gloss coat. Poppy is a bit miffed as she has had to stay in to keep her paws out off the paint, shame.....whilst Soona coudn't care less, always happy to snooze the day away.

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