Friday, 23 May 2008

Bank holiday forecast !!.......

Typical! I have been looking forward to this weekend as we plan to head off for a couple of days & it will be 1st time we have 'slept out' as it were ie not within the confines of the marina.

So whats the forecast? Wind & rain, hey ho- shall just have to get on with it, tho I've just got the paintwork repaired from the last (1st!) time we were out in the wind but hopefully this time we shall manage better.

We are not setting off until sunday as we are in Hull tomorrow - need to pick up some odds & ends then find a pub with a big screen to watch the Tigers v Bristol City. We have sky on Poppy so could stay at home & watch it but Mark wants to soak up a bit of the atmosphere.
Really hope they do the job & get to Wembly as they have worked so hard this season. Fingers crossed.........

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