Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Highs & Lows

The lows .... no we didn't get out after all & although very disappointed we think we made the right decision as the wind has been very strong all w/e and only dropped last night - just in time for Mark to go back to work! Might have risked it had we been more experienced but common sense prevailed.

The highs...
They did it! We went through to Hull to watch the match in the Barraccuda sports bar - got there nice & early to get a good spot - good job as it was packed. Not the best football but no matter as Windass did the job & some very happy fans

Then on Monday we went back to Hull to see the team being welcomed back - this was the scene outside city hall, not the best of pics as I had forgotten my camera so this was taken on my mobile-well not actually my mobile but the spare on loan from Carphone Warehouse who have since rang me to say mine is repaired & ready for collection so Mark has taken the spare into Hull with him today & will call in to swap them back over.
Then yesterday the rain arrived so lazy day playing golf on the playstation & watching DVDs.
Forecast for this week seems to be an improving one so fingers crossed for this coming w/e so we can finally get out!

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