Monday, 9 June 2008

Flaming June !

I have been trying to find out what I can find do about the rails that the hatch runs on, as it is metal on metal the paint receives a thorough scraping every time the hatch is slid open leaving bare metal to rust & I can see little point in repainting as next time hatch is opened it will just happens again.
I noticed that the boat moored next to me has some brass strips screwed on the rails & another boat nearby has some perspex ( or something similar) strips which seem to do the job. But finding a supplier is proving difficult! I was told that a hardware shop in Doncaster supplied the pespex strips so we checked them out on sat am but no joy as they no longer stock it. So the search goes on....

So after the fruitless trip to Doncaster we called in at Asda -we don't usually shop on Saturdays as just too busy but seemed sensible as already in the area and yes it was madness- never again!
Anyway shopping done back home for a lazy afternoon.

Sunday dawned bright & sunny so we drove the few miles to Epworth & parked up a couple of miles or so outside the village. By the time we got to the village it was about lunchtime & we were looking for a shady place to sit when we came on The Old Rectory which was the home of the Wesley family.
The house was closed ( 2 till 4 on Sundays) but the garden was open & looked very inviting so we parked ourselves on a bench under the shade (as by now it was hot !) of a copper beech to enjoy our lunch.
We then continued our walk through Low Burnham & back to the car. Part of the walk was on an old railway track & the hawthorne blossom has been replaced by hedges of wild roses.By now it was very warm and it was a bit of a slog walking in the heat so we were glad to make use of the air con when we got back to the car !

Whilst doing the blog I had put a post on Canal World forum re rails & just had a reply from Gary at Ledgard Bridge Boat Co who said they stock brass one,s so problem solved.
Even better, we shall be passing said boatyard on route to Skipton in a couple of weeks so will pick some up then.

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