Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Pumps & vets

Mark got straight onto the shower pump this morning - he found that by removing the shelf he could just about manage to get at it, on removing the cover found 3 small screws loose round the impeller which had bent & damaged the impeller. Very strange! how on earth had they got in there? they obviously aren't part of the pump - anyway the pump was reassembled ( minus the screws!) but still dead as a doornail. We are assuming the motor has probably burnt out.

Last night I did some research ( read some postings on Canal World Forums!) & the conclusion we reached was that if our pump has died we will replace it with a Whale Gulper 220 which would seem to be a better option than our Johnson as it does not need to be de-clogged or hardly ever -and will run wet or dry, if you believe the blurb.
Selby Boat Centre has them in stock at £83 so Mark will pick one up tomorrow & then hopefully that will solve that problem.

Took Soona to new vets this morning - had her glands emptied ( sank her teeth into my hand but who can blame her!) She also needs antibiotics but as I explained to the Vet it is practically impossible to get her to take tablets so he gave her an injection that lasts 2 weeks. She seems much happier now & at £43 not too expensive.

One thing I hadn't mentioned in yesterdays catch up was that we are having a cratch cover made. We opted for The Canvas Man as there are quite a few examples of their work around the marina & everyone we have spoken to is happy with the standard of workmanship.
Chris came a few weeks ago & after discussing various options we decided to have a framed cratch. James came last week, fitted the frame & took a pattern for the canvas which should be ready in a couple of weeks or so.

A few weeks ago after a sunny day Mark popped in to Argos & picked up a couple of 'director' style chairs so as to sit out & enjoy the sunshine. Hah!! what sunshine? But on the few occasions that we have been able to get them out Poppy, as you can see thinks they were a brilliant idea!

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