Wednesday, 9 July 2008

How much!

The new inverter according to the instructions, needs an inline fuse so I emailed Sterling to ask what fuse we needed. Back came a prompt repy that we need a GANL 300amp.I managed to find one a car audio site at £9.99 + £2.50 p&p which was duly ordered & came yesterday.
Showed it to Spike who is going to fit the new inverter & he told me I also need a fuse holder, he did warn me that they seem expensive for what they are, probably about a tenner & that I could probably pick one up at our local chandlers.
So I pottered off to said chandlers & yes they had one in stock at £19.60 !!! & I nearly bought it except that I couldn't pay by card as their machine was playing up & didn't have enough cash on me. I later checked with the car audio site & they have one for £9.99 + £2.50 p&p so one is now on order. All told the fuse has cost £24.98. lets hope it does the job!

A job I have been putting off has been sorted this morning & as is often the case didn't take as long as expected. The 'glory hole' is the space at the front just in front of the water tank which is handy for storage & also houses the cat litter tray( which they access through a modified step)
It had never been painted & was covered in a coat of powdery & flaking rust, so I grasped the nettle, scraped off & swept up said dust - filthy job - & then painted it out with hammerite. Actually only took me a couple of hours & very pleased with result ( should have taken a 'before' pic !)Hope Poppy & Soona appreciate my efforts!

This duck was in a large flock of mallards that turned up yesterday afternoon looking for some grub, not sure what breed he/she is - had a look at the RSPB web site but found nothing similar.

Must get a decent book on British birds.

The forecasted rain isn't here yet so have just put some washing out, which will no doubt hasten its arrival.......

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