Thursday, 10 July 2008

A Ducks tale

11am & just sitting out on the back having a coffee with Mark before he went off to earn a crust or two when some splashing & squawking heralded the arrival of large flock of ducks including the little white one. As I pointed said duck out to Mark I realised something was amiss, she (?) had a chunk of wing missing and her back & side was blood streaked.

I got the RSPCA's emergency number off their web site & they dutifully took all the info, I did say that I have a large net ( just in case one of cats falls in - not been used ... yet) & I could probably scoop her up & pop her in a cat box till someone arrived but was advised not to.
I kept a watch out & she seemed to be swimming & eating okay & eventually the whole group went out of the marina up the canal as usual.
3pm the inspector arrived & no duck. I explained about my offer to catch her & was told that I should have! Ah well ... anyway she said when (if) duck returns if I can scoop her up to take her to the local vets & they will take it from there. I showed her the pic & she thinks duck is a cross breed. So watch this space for tales from the canal bank!

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