Saturday, 12 July 2008

Sunshine & showers

Nearly mid July but I lit the stove yesterday afternoon as it was cold, damp & thoroughly miserable so it's nice to see a bit of sun today & I've been able to put some washing out although keeping a watch out as still a few clouds on the horizon.

Soona on the sofa enjoying a spot of sun

There has been no sign of the little white duck since Thursday morning & the group she had been with turned up an hour or so ago but she wasn't with them. I can only speculate as to what has happened to her - hopefully someone else will have rescued her and taken her for treatment although one of my neighbours Phil, used to breed ducks & he assures me that they can recover quite well from injury just left to their own devices so either way hope she's okay.

Mark fitted the new whale gulper pump on Thursday & for someone who used to avoid anything remotely DIY I am impressed! What a difference - even before it packed up the old pump was slow, very noisy & took ages to clear the water, the gulper makes short work of emptying the shower, is much quieter & you don't have to worry about letting it run dry so all in all I'm very pleased.

The fuse holder has arrived this morning so hopefully Spike can find a few minutes to fit the new inverter next week, Mark thought about having a go but looks like it might be a bit complicated with the fuse ect so will leave this one to the expert.

The sun is still out so I think I'm going to take my book ( a Ruth Rendell - I love a good murder/ mystery) & sit out the back & read for a while - well until it rains anyway......

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