Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Lazy Days

Nothing much to report, have been quite idle really, read a couple of books & just pottered about keeping things ship shape but without too much effort! Thank goodness the weather is a bit warmer. On Sunday we had planned to do a walk but it was such a lovely day we just sat out the back with the sunday papers soaking up the sun - not like us really as usually we have something planned or something crops up so it made a pleasant change ( & set the tone for the week - for me anyway!)

The new inverter is nearly installed - It wasn't totally straightforward, Spike had to drill bigger holes as the cables on the new inverter are fatter than on the old one & we need some extra cabling which is on order & will hopefully arrive tomorrow.

We are going up to Keadby& back Wednesday -Thursday as Mark has a couple of days off & we had thought that if the inverter was fitted we'd have been able to give it a test.
Depending on what time the extension cables are delivered ( & if Spike has time to fit them) we will either have it up & running or go anyway without it connected - I'm sure we can manage without TV etc for one night.

Looking forward to the weekend as grandson Eric (12) is coming to join us for a week - Mark is hoping to get some time off so we can have a night or two out of the marina & give Eric chance to work a few locks & earn his keep! Hopefully we will have a working inverter by then.

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