Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Ouch!! & an 'official' visit

As regular readers will know we enjoy a good walk now & again so yesterday with Mark having a day off we had a look at the OS map & decided to park up near Sykehouse Road Bridge on the New Junction & walk across to the river Don then follow a few winding paths back to the car via Kirk Lane Road Bridge.

On approaching the footbridge ( as pictured in The Big Splash 24th July) we past nb The Tower of Babel moored up & stopped for a natter, mainly about generators as they had theirs running. We have decided we will get a generator - mainly for the washing machine, at some point before we go continuously cruising but which type?

I have looked on The Canal World forum ( which is how I do most of my research!) but end up just more confused. There are lots of posts on the pros & cons of different generators but they seem to get quite technical & everyone has a differing opinion. Still, there is no rush, it will remain on the back burner for the time being.

Back to the walk, the 1st 2/3rds were splendid with good paths though some classic pastoral countryside & warm sunshine though the clouds were gathering ......
We had a fairly heavy shower whilst walking along the banks of the river but it didn't last long, as we left the river bank we were observed by these 2 ladies. I don't know if Thelwell did cows but if he had they would have made excellent subjects!

When we reached the last leg, a clearly marked 'right of way' on the map it soon became clear that the path was in a sorry state, it looked like a tractor or 4x4 had used it, resulting in deep, very muddy ruts. We contemplated abandoning that route & taking a longer one that would have meant a fair bit of road walking but decided not to be beaten & to plod on ( fools!!)

It went from bad to worse becoming overgrown with briars & nettles etc & by the time it became nigh on impossible (& impassable!) there was no point in turning back as it was shorter to press on. I always use a walking pole which was invaluable in helping me find my way because the ruts were hidden by the under growth but I still managed to catch my foot in a hole & slipped resulting in a painful left wrist. The air turned blue as I realised I couldn't use my hand & I had a little rant at Mark ( being navigator) that this couldn't be the right path & that we must have gone 'off piste' ( wouldn't be the 1st time!)
Eventually we came to easier walking & sure enough there was a 'public footpath' sign pointing the way we had just come. Wish I had taken some pics but before I fell I was too busy negotiating the terrain & afterwards couldn't as hand not working!

As it was so painful I was convinced that it was broken so after calling in at nb Poppy for a change of ( very muddy) clothes & a much needed cuppa Mark took me to Doncaster A&E. An xray showed fortunately not broken so just a support bandage & rest it for a few days. Oh & they cut my wedding ring off :(

Still v. painful today - not happy - but at least I'm warm & dry which is more than can be said for James from The Canvas Man who is fitting the cratch as I type. Weather & hand permitting, I'll post some pics of the finished job.

This morning as I was having a cuppa & contemplating the day ahead I was aware of someone on the gunwale. As I shouted 'hello' loudly, hoping to scare off any miscreant, I saw what I thought was a policeman. Turns out it's BW official 'Mark' checking licences which he apparently does on a monthly basis. He looked every inch the copper in hie epauletted, high vis jacket !

Update on cratch - nearly finished & it looks pretty good - the space in the bow has now become an 'inside' space. Poppy has just been in & went straight out & back in again. Think the cratch must have confused her!

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