Sunday, 17 August 2008

Ship shape

Has it really been 10 days since my last post? Time just seems to fly.
I spend most of my days pottering about keeping Poppy ship shape ( where does all the dust come from? I sweep through every day & there are still little piles of dust lurking in the corners)

I usually walk into the town daily to get fresh food stuff as we don't have a freezer, (which I don't miss it at all) & to get some exercise. I have noticed my weight has crept up since moving aboard so I try to get at least an hours walk a day, not having much effect yet!
Also Bluewater has a communal room which is used mainly for social activities & has some well stocked bookshelves for the borrowing of so I'm not short of reading matter.

The cratch looks great & as you can see Poppy has been trying it out.

"can I be bothered to catch that fly?"

Ideal spot for a bit of a wash

Not really sure about this corner

I have taken it down at the moment as the paint needed a touch up & then is about time we got the name on which I had made by 'Stick on Signs' at least a couple of months ago. Would have put a link in here as I can highly recommend their product but they seem not to have a web site anymore.

The painting is done but I'm leaving it for a few days to make sure it is really dry before putting the cratch back up. I've been caught before by smudging paint when I thought it was dry but still sticky underneath.

I mentioned in my last post that we'd had a visit from BW's enforcement officer & in conversation with him about dealing with non payers he said they would be removing a boat with out of date licence the following day. Sure enough a very shabby looking nb was towed by BW from Stainforth & breasted up outside Bluewater with a notice on it saying it had been seized by BW.
We await developments with interest.......

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