Saturday, 6 September 2008

Showers & showers.

The grouting between the tiles in the shower has been cracking & I assume it must be caused by the flexing & movement of the boat so it seemed a good idea to scrape out the 'old' ( all of a few months old) grout & replace it with flexible silicone.
Therefore I have been stuck in the shower most of today, it was fairly tedious & messy- it gets everywhere! But it is done now so hopefully it will be watertight.

Whilst we are on about water the weather is giving some cause for concern as we are due to head off on Monday up via the Aire & Calder onto the Leeds Liverpool. I am playing close attention to the Environment Agency web site so we can be forewarned about any closures due to flooding.

Also regarding the b****y rain thank you to anj.p. who left a comment re the umbrella holder, had a look through a couple of old WW world but not found the ad yet.....

The view from our stern at 6pm tonight after the rain.

So, a few chores tomorrow - washing & shopping, then off bright (!!) & early Monday morning :-)

Just had to post this pic of Katie (4 & a half) my youngest granddaughter, showing off her new school uniform for her start at school last week.

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