Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Sheffield again!

Chris & Astrid keeping out of the rain in the cratch

pic 6- A very excited Finlay

pic 7 - Brolly coming in useful ( taken nr Thorne swing footbridge)

I had one of my (8!!) grandchildren, Astrid, staying last week. She was keen to go to Sheffield as she had seen what Eric got up to on his visit back in July. We had a really nice day, visiting the Weston Park Museum.....
& enjoying an ice cream in the Peace Garden.

Can I have a '99' please

This is a lovely spot on a sunny day ( which it was) & Astrid soon made a couple of friends to splash about with. Alot of the kids had come prepared & had their cossies on or at least dry clothes to change into but we weren't so organised so she had to make do with a paddle.

Wish I'd brought my cossie!

Cooling off

' Toulouse Lautrec' impression?

Astrid's Mum & Dad -Daughter Hannah & husband Chris & little brother Finlay came to pick her up on Sunday & we took Poppy out for a short trip, an event which Finlay was very excited about.
see pic 6

We went up to just outside Stainforth & moored up for a picnic lunch. The weather let us down on the return journey & it poured down. I had bought a large umbrella a couple of weeks ago which came in very handy!
see pic 7

I had seen some time ago somewhere a 'thing' which fitted onto the tiller arm to hold a brolley & spent some time on google trying to find it or something similar - I did find a reference on Granny Buttons Blog where Andrew Denny had also been trying to track one down, one of the comments gives an address but no phone number.... if anyone knows where to get hold of such a device I'd appreciate the info.

When I upload pics onto the blog they usually appear at the top of the page & I cut & paste them into their final position & when I last blogged I managed to place some okay& then when I tried to paste the rest for some reason the whole of the blog became highlighted & if I then clicked 'paste' I lost a chunk of text.. & its just started doing it again, Arrgghh!!
So..... I've put a number where the pic should be but left the pic at the top of page ( hope that makes sense!)

You may notice on pic 7 that we've finally got Poppy's name on the bow - it was a bit fiddly but looks okay ( you can only see the odd wrinkle if you look really close !)

Only 6 days now before our Summer ( Autumn!) cruise which should have been back at beginning of July but was postponed due to a bereavement. We are sort of heading up towards Skipton, whether we actually get there depends on the cats, well Poppy really. If she goes walkabout we could be held up so our plans are flexible but it would be nice to see the Dales ( one of my favourite places)

I am hoping to blog more frequently whilst away as hopefully we will have lots of interesting experiences to write about so watch this space.......

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