Saturday, 18 October 2008

A brief lull in hostilities.....

I took this at 7.30am yesterday & the promise of a gorgeous day was fulfilled although I didn't have a very successful one as I spent most of it in Doncaster in a fruitless attempt to find something suitable to wear for Rob & Nikki's wedding, which is now less than a month away. I was also looking for some curtain material as I want to replace ours as they have faded badly but again my search was fruitless. Hmmm....

Eric is coming to spend half term with us & we shall probably be going through to Hull for a day to 'do' the museums & The Deep so may try my luck there , if no joy then I may have to trek to Sheffield or Leeds - I'm not good at this looking smart lark - much happier in jeans! ( & don't even mention hats!!)

On the curtain front I am now considering blinds as an alternative- will save me alot of sewing which, within the confines of a narrowboat could be a bit of a faff. Should have thought of this before Hannah loaned me the sewing machine that I gave her when we moved aboard. Sorry Han!

More success on the stove front, managed to keep the fire in overnight, well for one night anyway but hasn't really been necessary as quite mild if a bit nippy 1st thing. Hopefully we have mastered it for when it's really cold.

This is a rare pic! Poppy & Soona have never been bosom buddies, the limit of their relationship used to be a mad chase around the house & a bit of play fighting but all that stopped when we moved aboard & Poppy began to spend alot of time outdoors ( catching things - unfortunately)
If Soona goes anywhere near her she is rewarded with a hiss & Poppy won't have anything to do with her.
We have a couple of fleecy blankets for them to sleep on but the one on the sofa is the one they prefer so usually it's on a '1st come 1st served' basis & as soon as one moves off the other will be in there so I was surprised when Poppy joined Soona for a nap yesterday afternoon.
The cease fire didn't last though & Poppy is back to treating Soona with absolute disdain. A nice side effect of all this is that Soona has become much more affectionate with us humans.

Having a lazy day today as still got sore ribs from my tumble last week, a good enough reason to settle down with Rebus for the afternoon.

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