Friday, 5 December 2008

A bad day just got worse!! (& always read the small print)

Nothing boat or cat related just a rant to let off steam!
Mark went to work by train today as he is going for xmas drink with workmates later so having use of the car for a change I had planned to go to Ikea ( Leeds) to finish the xmas shopping.

On route I stopped off in Thorne to post a couple of parcels & whilst looking for a parking space could smell smoke & very quickly realised it was coming from my dashboard so out of the car ( by which time I could see flames) & a 999 call. Luckily the fire station is just around the corner & the fire brigade arrived in minutes & dealt with the fire - Thanks guys - they were terrific.

What's left of dashboard

It seems fairly obvious that the car is a probably a write off as even if you put a new dash in, the rest of the interior is smoke damaged & sodden. But as we are fully comp was not too worried that's what insurance is for.... you would think.
So after getting the car recovered back here ( again - excellent service from Brittania Rescue) I called Lloyds insurance to be told that if the fire was caused by electrical fault ( which it more than likely was) we are not covered!!!
On reading the policy booklet there it is in black & white along with any mechanical or computer failure.
So not a happy bunny this afternoon :(

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