Saturday, 10 January 2009


Although we have had some very cold weather & sharp frosts at times giving the marina a thin coat of ice, we haven’t been frozen in as such as there was still clear water in the gap between the boats, until this morning that is.
The boat has been creaking, banging & making some really weird noises in the ice all day & although the weather forecast is for milder weather it certainly isn’t at the moment!

With the towpath being frozen hard so I was able to walk into town via the towpath this morning without getting muddy - didn’t need any shopping just the exercise. Since deciding to shed a few pounds I try to walk for an hour most days, have managed to lose 3lbs so far - not a lot but at least it’s going in the right direction!

We have had a change of plan re the shower & decided not to re-tile, I think I would always worry that it would happen again no matter how well we did it.
I like the look of these panels by Bathroom Marquee & have sent for a sample, we had something similar in our ‘house’ bathroom as a bath side & they were very easy to work with.

Our BW licence was due for renewal in November & we paid via Bluewater mid October & up to Christmas no licence had arrived although cheque had been cashed early November - not unduly worried as had receipt from Bluewater. But as still no licence in January gave BW a ring, they assured me it had been sent in November so deciding it must be lost in the post, sent a replacement which has now arrived.

I have been having a go at making bread & been trying out some of the mixes as my attempt to do it from scratch was not a great success! The mixes seem to work well & so far we’ve had granary, multigrain & sunflower ( Marks favourite). Can’t beat the smell of fresh baked bread.

Whilst looking for pics to upload thought I'd show you one of my more useful Xmas presents!

Another useful pressie was a sea searcher magnet, had a quick go in the marina, nothing but rusty nails to date.......

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