Wednesday, 14 January 2009


All tucked up in bed last night watching TV when the (shore) power went off, not an unusual event - if I put hair dryer on whilst something else switched on usually guarantees it tripping off, which involves nipping out to the meter box approx 50yds away & resetting trip switch.
Not a problem during the day but on a cold frosty night when you're in your night attire ( which in Marks case is his birthday suit!) not much fun, Mark made 2 trips (clothed!) to the meter box - 2nd trip to double check & all was in order so switched the inverter on.

How soon we get used to the ease of shore power & not having to give thought to batteries, generators & running engines!

Spike, the Marinas engineer sorted it out this morning, turns out it was a fuse somewhere in the wiring in the meter box & we are now back on shore power so washing machine on, computer on etc etc.

When Poppy & Soona were at the Vets recently for their booster injections they were also given a health check & both passed with flying colours but we did raise the subject of Soona's weight & were advised that she is not overweight yet but borderline & to keep an eye on her food intake.

But I don't think the problem is too much food as she is quite a light eater, she is just a lazy bones - Poppy can't wait to be out in a morning ( waking us early doors!) & is out & about most of the day climbing trees & chasing small rodents whatever the weather. Whereas, though never a particularly active cat, at least in the summer Soona will go outside for a potter about but in winter she seems to be in hibernation mode & reluctant to move far from her favourite spot.
I have tried showing her the door & saying "off you go & play" much as my mother did to me but she will have non of it!

Soona hibernating

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