Sunday, 18 January 2009

Calm after the storm

What storm?

As forecasted it was a bit wild here last night but with hatches well battened & the satellite dish remaining firm against the gale due to a bit of judicious bolstering with a lump of black rubber we were able to enjoy the snooker semis uninterrupted by signal failure from the dish moving.

Soona enjoying the stove

This morning has dawned much calmer with clear blue skies albeit a bit breezy, unfortunately I am not able to make the best of it as I have an annoying cough that just waits until you get snuggled down for sleep before giving you that annoying tickle.
I spent most of the night on the sofa unable to sleep so instead of going for a long walk to help the weight loss (5lbs!!) along & as Mark is at work, I am having a lazy day just pottering & watching the snooker final.

A few of my neighbours, Phil & Rosie ( sans Gina as she's working!) on nbNew Directions, Ken & Tyson on nbThe Rev Cathy Milford & Carol & Alan on nbGreat Western are all taking advantage of the sunshine and have set off up the Stainforth & Keadby to Stainforth for lunch at The New Inn.
It should be a good lunch, they do good grub, usually have a guest beer or two & with moorings right outside for customers it's certainly worth stopping by if you're passing. So enjoy your lunch guys, I'll just sit here & nurse my cough.........

I have finally got the rest of the old tiles off the shower walls & received the samples of plastic wall panels from The Bathroom Marquee which seem fine, they would do the job & they have good selection of colours & designs but as B&Q do something very similar we shall pop in there tomorrow & pick some up.

The observant among you will notice that I have my favourite bloggers listed in a blog list which is a great widget that updates whenever a blogger updates their blog. I wanted to add nb Ten Bob Note to the list but it won't let me, I have subscribed to the feed & it comes up in igoogle -it's just a bit untidy as I like them all in the same place......

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