Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Not so far....

This was the state of marina on Friday morning & I didn't hold out much hope of getting out although the canal looked clear but by lunchtime the ice was melting & had been well broken up by Spike & Colin moving a boat so we decided to go for it.

All seemed fine, no ice & we even had some sunshine but just after Thorne swing bridge we passed Waterstart who told us that they'd had to turn back just before Stainforth due to ice.

We decided still to plod on as far as we could as it was just nice to be out of the marina on the canal.

Sure enough we found the ice but it didn't seem to bad at 1st. We moored here & had a walk up to see if it got any worse - which it did! So we continued as far as we considered sensible which got us into Stainforth & moored just passed the New Inn.

We stayed put Friday( karaoke night at the New Inn & just a bit noisy so no sleep till after midnight!) & Saturday night, unable to get a signal for sky so read & played scrabble.
After stocking up with fruit & veg at the Sunday market we decided to see if we could get any further - only managed about 1/2 a mile but we found a lovely spot to moor. No karaoke, a good sat signal & Poppy enjoyed exploring.

Being cautious when the dog walkers are about

& back to the safety of the boat ( with tail up!) till they've gone.

By Sunday evening the weather was much milder with most of the ice now gone but too late for us to get to Sprotborough, still we'd enjoyed our little jaunt & we will try again in a few weeks.

Monday was a slow trundle home & we arrived back at 2ish. Mark reversed onto our pontoon as if he'd been doing it for years, I was very impressed, would that I could handle her so well!

After a quick change we jumped in the car & went to Tesco at Scunthorpe to stock up & to nip into B&Q to get a jigsaw as we still haven't made the hole in the floor & a jigsaw will make it a bit easier.

Next Thursday we are off to Grand Canaria for a few days which I booked online back in December. No sign of any tickets arriving so last night I sent an email enquiring when we could expect delivery. I received a reply followed by a phone call to say they had been sent 2 weeks ago, mmm... we've not received them & also back in December they had sent confirmation of the booking that we had also not received. Goodness knows why we haven't but anyway they are going to set up a 'ticket on departure' for us. So fingers crossed that it goes okay.
The tickets are not the only thing to go missing, we have had a few thefts from vehicles over recent months but this weekend Alan has had his landrover stolen. But the best bit is that it was spotted the following day in Thorne ! Either a very brazen or very stupid thief.....

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