Thursday, 12 February 2009

Scuppered :(

Unless there is a thaw tomorrow it looks like our plan to head off up to Sprotborough is not happening, we are frozen in here, the canal is frozen in places & it started snowing at lunchtime, oh well, never mind eh.

We lost shore power again (3rd time) last night at 8pm - swapped over to the inverter for TV etc but not sure about using the electric blanket through the inverter - can't find any info re wattage etc but assume that as it's heating something then it would be a drain on batteries & therefore only suitable for shore power.'s a good job that yesterday I had bought 2 hot water bottles ready for this w/e. & so we were still toasty in bed.

Saw Spike 1st thing & he sorted it out for now but the reason for it happening evidently is more difficult to trace. I suppose if anything it teaches us not to be reliant on shore power, after all it's only about 14 months before we leave these shores & head out into the unknown.

We changed the gas bottle a couple of days ago & I keep getting a whiff of gas - but Mark says he can't smell it, mmm.. anyway have kept it turned off at the bottle & asked Spike to take a look - he did find a leak in the valve which he sorted out & all seemed fine but several hours later I'm sure I can still smell gas again so it's turned off & tea ( stew) is cooking slowly atop the stove.
Alan ( Great Western) will be here tomorrow & as he is a boat safety scheme examiner I shall seek his opinion.

No new pics to post so here's a couple from last spring/summer just to remind us that it's not always so cold & wintery....

Fishlake Church

Somewhere near Epworth

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