Friday, 6 February 2009

Wielding axes & noisy dragons

One of our neighbours Alan, works for the environment agency & he manages to bring us some wood now & again. He turned up with a trailer full last night so today Ian, Chris, Phil & myself have been busy with a chain saw ( not me!) & axes reducing the trailer load into fire sized logs for us all-we save our coal bags for the logs & everyone got at least 1/2 a dozen bags full so not a bad days work.

Phil & Chris wielding axes

A few bags ready for stowing aboard

I was filthy when I had finished & a bit achy from the physical graft so have just enjoyed a hot shower & am now sat sort of glowing in front of nice log fire!

We seem to have escaped much of the bad weather that has afflicted much of the UK, I was in Manchester at the w/e & there was some light falls but nothing much really although on the train journey home through Derbyshire it was like a Christmas card - looked beautiful but not so much fun if you need to move around. We had a heavy fall night before last but it was gone by mid afternoon. But if we do get some at least we have plenty of wood to see us through!

Whilst in Manchester I was able to help Eric celebrate his 13th ( a teenager already!) birthday, he chose to have a Chinese meal at a restaurant in the Chinese quarter & of course it was the Chinese new year so our meal was interrupted by a visit from this chap.....

...very noisy with drums, bells & whistles & much enjoyed by the kids.

We are hoping to get out of the marina next w/e, Mark has promised me no overtime so 3 days off! The plan is to get off Friday afternoon & prob stay overnight near Barnby Dun then make our way to Sprotborough for Saturday night then slow journey back Sunday/monday. All weather etc permitting of course but it's a plan......

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