Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter mini cruise - day 2

Awoke 7ish to a dull but dry morning slipping the moorings at 8.20am & arriving Doncaster visitor moorings at11.45. No space really but managed to just tag on the end & as we only wanted to stay an hour or two whilst we did a bit of shopping it sufficed.

So into town & 1st stop Argos to pick up some headphones I had reserved so that I can watch DVD's on the laptop whilst Mark is watching something else on TV or visa versa. I find the 'in ear' earphones uncomfortable so am going to give these a try, next stop Wilkinsons for some non-slip matting to put on the top of the hatch to stop mugs of tea/coffee sliding about whilst cruising then back to the boat via Tescos which is very handy for the visitor moorings being just few hundred yards away.

Spotted at Doncaster town lock - Expecting an invasion perhaps?

With cupboards stocked we then had a very pleasant run from Doncaster to Sprotborough despite intermittent light showers, the countryside round here is beautiful & especially so this time of year.

The A1/M - I'd rather be boating!

A slight hiccup at Sprotborough lock as it misbehaved, it is ( in common with the majority on this waterway) all push button & automatic, give me a windlass job anyday, we were held up for 30 mins or so then just as the engineer phoned me back it did what it was supposed to & we got moving again.

Approaching Sprotborough lock

The visitor moorings were full but plenty of space just beyond or there was when we arrived, boats have been arriving all afternoon & you'd be hard pressed to get a canoe in sideways now.

Sitting pretty

The Toll House at Sprotborough Bridge

This one is for Albert!

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