Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter mini cruise - days 3 & 4

Day 3

After spending a leisurely morning in Sprotborough, walking up to the well stocked village shop for the sunday papers & some bread & relaxing with the papers for a couple of hours we decided to make a move. A lot of other boats were also on the move but others were also arriving so as soon as a space was vacated it was quickly filled.

Busy moorings at Sprotborough

The trip boat Wyre Lady was out and about although not too many customers, maybe too early in the day plus it was overcast & cool, no sign yet of the forecasted sunshine. We shared the lock with Wyre Lady & thankfully it was lockie operated after yesterdays messing about!

Wyre Lady

The weather stayed grey with the odd spot of rain, I even dug my warm gloves out as bit chilly on the tiller ( I'm trying to improve my steering so need all the practice I can get!) As we approached Doncaster town lock we found 1/2 doz cruisers & 1nb waiting as no lockie - someone had rung BW & lockie eventually turned up 35 mins later. Doncaster lock is huge so we all fitted in easily.

Queueing at Doncaster town lock

We arrived Long Sandall visitor moorings at 3pm & just enough room for us to squeeze in. The moorings are neat & tidy with picnic tables & even brick built barbeque's. Water & self pumpout but no elsan point. We had a walk down the river (Don) bank & managed to scavenge some wood that had washed up.

Long Sandall picnic area

We have had a bit of an issue with running the washing machine when not on shore power. We bought the small candy as it comes recommended for boats & inverters due to its simple electrics but it won't work with our sterling 1800w. It is not pure sine but I still thought it would run it but no.
We had decided, after having charging problems last summer, to invest in a generator - so we would always have the option, belt 'n' braces so as to speak.
I had read about the Kippor's but not really sure until we went to the boat jumble at Snaith last autumn, a chap was selling them & we were able to see & hear them running & we decided to get one (but not from him - Ebay! quite a bit cheaper)
So whilst at Long Sandall we gave it a try out & success, the washer worked fine. Phew, quite a relief because otherwise it would have prob meant more expense on another, pure sine wave inverter.

The sun eventually came out just in time for a lovely sunset.

Day 4

Time to head for home, albeit slowly so we set off at 9.15am stopping off at Barnby Dun, Mark went to get the paper & we had a prolonged coffee break.

Kirk Sandall's pretty church

Next stop Stainforth's 'The New Inn' for lunch, they usually don't do food monday lunch but make an exception on bank holidays.
But 1st we had Bramwith lock which was quite busy but with everyone helping each other it didn't take too long which is more than can be said for Bramwith swing bridge! I don't think that I am unusual in that if I am operating a bridge for us & other boats come into view I'll let them through before closing & I usually find that the favour is often returned - seems to be common courtesy.
So not best pleased to be approaching the bridge which was open for it then to be closed right in front of us!
The lady ran back to her boat & muttered something about the traffic (1 car!) being impatient, mmm.

Anyway our lunch was delicious, as usual, cod,chips& mushy peas for me, veggie lasagne for Mark then apple crumble & ice cream for pud.
I don't usually drink ( alcohol) during the day as it guarantees a headache but 2 halves (pints in Marks case)of Hobgoblin went down very well. £16 including drinks - excellent value. Then back to Poppy to enjoy a coffee sitting on the back deck.

So onwards, through a busy Thorne lock then home, Mark was doing a splendid job of reversing onto our mooring watched by most of our neighbours when a gust of wind blew us across into the empty space left by 'The Rev Cathy Milford' & I sort of tried to jump ashore - & fell in - & its deep & cold & non too clean. My feet didn't touch the bottom!
Anyway I was non too ceremoniously hauled out - gasping, wet & feeling very stupid. A hot shower helped warm me up, I threw my clothes in the washer, Mark made me a hot drink & then I realised my phone had been in my jeans pocket & was now in the washing machine. B****r!!

Thankfully no-one had a camera handy so there are no pics to remind me of my stupidity.

Feel a bit sore today, thankfully nothing worse ( not sure how a mouthful or two of canal water would have affected me) the phone may be dead but hey the laptop survived so I won't write it off yet!

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