Wednesday, 1 April 2009

How many Swallows....

Phil spotted a swallow yesterday, but just the one and according to The Guardian

"One swallow does not make a summer, because individual birds may overshoot, arrive too early, have been blown north by accident, and they tend to retreat swiftly if conditions are harsh. The presence of two swallows might well be a sign of preliminary nesting behaviour. The presence of three, or 17, suggests that they mean business. However, the swallows sighted in south-east England this week do not mean winter is over early this year"
so we won't get too excited.... yet.

On the subject of birds Ian put up this nest box a few weeks ago & a pair of blue tits have been seen nipping in & out so fingers crossed that they will be raising a family, fortunately the box has been placed out of Poppy's reach with no nearby branches as she is a very able tree climber

No ducklings yet, I shall be there with my camera as soon as they are spotted - the other female ducks who have not yet 'been caught' are being pursued relentlessly ( & noisily!) by the males.

I mentioned last week that Mark had got a payg vodafone dongle for his laptop - He is getting some really fast speeds, whether it's because there is a vodafone mast nearby or what I'm not sure but the speeds put my T Mobile connection to shame. It just goes to show - if I hadn't knocked the tea over I wouldn't have got another laptop & Mark wouldn't now be using the old one, back from the dead, on vodafone - He's delighted as alot of the stuff he does online (way over my head!) needs a good speed.

The hatch is finished & I'm quite pleased with the result - it practically glides open & the underside, which I lined with polestyrene matting to prevent condensation in the darkest depths of winter, has been given an additional layer of carpet & all looks very cosy.

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