Thursday, 9 April 2009

A sad end.....

Yesterday I checked on the mallards nest only to find it abandoned, it appears that rats or weasels have had the eggs so no ducklings from that clutch, I'm hopeful that there will be others though not spotted any yet. Oh & Phil says he has seen at least 3 swallows although I don't think they'll stay long in the cold wind & rain we've had today!

3 of our neighbours have gone off this afternoon headed to Boston (Lincs not US!) for a few days. It will be an early start tomorrow for the lock at Keadby, 6am I think.

Not such an early start for us though, Mark has 4 days off ( wow !) so we hope to be out & about but I think he'd like a bit of a lie in 1st. I'm not supposed to mention any destination as any narrowboater knows 'the best laid plans & all that' but to get to Sprotborough would be nice!
The forecast for tomorrow is rain so the umbrella holder will be put to good use & hopefully the wind will ease.

No duckling pics so one of Poppy looking cute

& Soona in her default position.

Maybe some out & about pics next post....

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